Sunday, January 23, 2011

K12 Online Conference - Seeds to Success with Skype - Reflection

This presentation opens my eye to whole new way of learning. I think using Skype in a classroom is another great way of integrating technology and learning for students of any age. The presentation mentioned several ways of why to use it and are all very good ideas.  Some idea that stuck in my mind are the following, To see what is happening in other classrooms, to read to younger students, to have an expert visit the classroom, parents conferences, to have another teacher teach a lesson to your students and my favorite, to include a student who is out of school for extended period of time.
            Seeing what is happening in other classroom is great experience for students. There is always a curiosity of what goes on in another classroom especially in another state. Shown in the video there are two 4th grade classrooms reading a book together and taking turns reading it to each other. Another lesson was an Oreo project and it was a fun challenging task of who can stack the most Oreos without is falling over. This gives excitement to students and keeps them interested in learning. Another way of keeping the students interested is having another teacher teach a lesson and having a speaker/expert come talk to the students. This changes the routine a little and gives the students a well rounded environment and change things up a little with a different teaching style. Having an expert talk through Skype is a great alternative if they can’t make it to the classroom. The student can still see and hear them and the expert can still answer questions.
            The video just mentioned the idea of having a student Skype if they are out for extend period but I thought this was a fabulous idea. I know if I had to miss class for a while I would be worried about what I am missing in class. Using Skype can take away this worry and still make you feel and be involved with the class room.
            I have no doubts about using Skype in a classroom and would definitely consider using it in my future classroom. It has so many positive effects about it to help student learn. This would be something I would recommend to use after seeing this presentation!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Digital Nation - Reflection

Watching the Digital Nation film was very interesting at many points, such as the video games, multitasking and what it can do to you. I knew that some people where into video games and that some are obsessed over them, but little did I know that there are conference held for each particular game.
The video illustrated multitasking. So many people in today’s world are multitasking. As I was watching the video one of the thoughts came to mind and that was do I do that too? Over the past couple of days I catch myself doing at least two or more thing at a time at some points. You don’t realize it until you stop and think about what you are doing. How can texting on your phone, writing notes and listening to your teacher talk in class or talking to a friend all at the same time be a good thing. How are we learning to our potential if our mind is trying to focus on three things instead of one? In some cases it is good to multitask but I don't think it is good in a learning environment. I also thought about how I lucky my generation is, which I am 24. When I was in elementary school we didn’t have the fancy lap tops the cell phones ect. We had the big computers and we used those to learn how to type and we had the overhead projections that you can right on and it would reflect it back on the board. We all thought that was the coolest thing. As we grew more and more different types of technology came out. So we can relate back when all this technology didn’t exist. I feel that is the best.
When the video showed that the brain is more active while searching the wed then reading a book. That took me by surprise. You would think the brain would have more activity reading a book then searching the web. As they explained that reading book come easier to us and that the Brian doesn’t need to work as hard. When searching the web your brain is thinking more about what you are doing then just reading words. So in that case it more sense. When reading a book you are doing one thing but searching the web you are reading and think about you have to next making the mind think more.
                 The video games and how kids and even adult become so additive to them is wild. Children and adults becoming additive was a lot more than I thought. The study on Koreans should that 90 percent of kids that play games on the computer 10 percent are at high risk. I found it shocking that they have to offer camps to children who have become additive to games. To me it didn’t seem that it was a very convincing camp. As the boy that they were interviewing just wanted to go back home a start playing again after he was out. As stated in the video from one girl that she wakes up at 9 starts playing and doesn’t stop till one in the morning and she start all over the next day. Some people have quit their jobs to play these video games.
                One of the school in NY from the video showed that using computer in class help them a lot but then found that it can become a big distraction. Student would go on it during class using You Tube, Face book and Games. This is something schools will have to monitor. Students in second grade are learning how to use a computer. They stated they are teaching the ethics, rules and how a computer can help them learn. Now that computer are becoming more popular to learn from  I think they should use them for certain areas and not all the time and also how to use it for the correct ways in school.
                I thought this video was going to concentrate on the good expects of technology but they really pointed out the negative impact it has on children and adults. There are good and bad and it all depends on the person and how they what to use it. Everyone needs to take responsibly on how they use technology. You can use to help you learn and you can use just to play games. Technology offers lot and it is only going to grow. With technology growing I feel as well that school can’t keep up. School will get some great new technology and by the time teachers learn how to use it, something new comes out. It is never going to come to a stop and it can only get better. We all just need to use it in the right ways to help us.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

About Me

Hello, My name is Kristin. I currently work full time as an Accounting Assistant. I also coach gymnastic once a week. Coaching gymnastics is more of a hobby of mine. Gymnastics is something that has always been apart of my life. I decided that I wanted to go back to school for Elementary Education. This is something that I have always thought about doing and I enjoy working with children and helping them learn and grow. I originally went to college for my bachelors degree in Physical Education but instead came out with an Accounting degree. So now I have decided to go back for my masters in Elementary Education and I think it is one of the best decisions I have made.