Sunday, January 23, 2011

K12 Online Conference - Seeds to Success with Skype - Reflection

This presentation opens my eye to whole new way of learning. I think using Skype in a classroom is another great way of integrating technology and learning for students of any age. The presentation mentioned several ways of why to use it and are all very good ideas.  Some idea that stuck in my mind are the following, To see what is happening in other classrooms, to read to younger students, to have an expert visit the classroom, parents conferences, to have another teacher teach a lesson to your students and my favorite, to include a student who is out of school for extended period of time.
            Seeing what is happening in other classroom is great experience for students. There is always a curiosity of what goes on in another classroom especially in another state. Shown in the video there are two 4th grade classrooms reading a book together and taking turns reading it to each other. Another lesson was an Oreo project and it was a fun challenging task of who can stack the most Oreos without is falling over. This gives excitement to students and keeps them interested in learning. Another way of keeping the students interested is having another teacher teach a lesson and having a speaker/expert come talk to the students. This changes the routine a little and gives the students a well rounded environment and change things up a little with a different teaching style. Having an expert talk through Skype is a great alternative if they can’t make it to the classroom. The student can still see and hear them and the expert can still answer questions.
            The video just mentioned the idea of having a student Skype if they are out for extend period but I thought this was a fabulous idea. I know if I had to miss class for a while I would be worried about what I am missing in class. Using Skype can take away this worry and still make you feel and be involved with the class room.
            I have no doubts about using Skype in a classroom and would definitely consider using it in my future classroom. It has so many positive effects about it to help student learn. This would be something I would recommend to use after seeing this presentation!

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