Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lit Review

Instant Class Feedback
With the push of a button By- Kathleen Kennedy Manzo
Journal - Education Week - 2009

The student response system known as the clicker is becoming a popular tool in the classroom. The one in this article is like a garage door opener featuring buttons with numbers or letters and student press the one they think correspond with the question. There are many types. The use of this device started in colleges and they worked so well they migrated into district school systems. Some teachers love them as others do not.
This article was interesting because I can compare with it from our first day of class using the clickers to respond to questions. I really liked using them because no one knew my response, so if I was wrong it was not embarrassing. I think it is the best way to see if student understands the material being taught. If a teacher asked a question and has one student answer and gets it right, doesn’t mean everyone understands. It is like having one student answering for everyone else. When using the clickers the teacher is getting full feedback from each student. Students feel much more comfortable giving an answer if they don’t have to answer in front of everyone. Most of the time the kids that do answer out loud know they are right are not afraid.
The article didn’t mention anything about if they know which students get the right or not. That would be a very helpful tool. This would be helpful because if most of the students get the material and the teacher feels they can move on but a few don’t, the teachers can work with those students after. I strongly agree with the use of this tool in the classroom. It gives positive feedback that can help the student and teacher. I wish this was out when I was in school!

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  1. Kristin, I love the clicker idea- I think it's a great tool that helps teachers measure how students are doing while keeping the students engaged in learning.