Saturday, February 12, 2011

Equal Access

I think it is the schools, parents and teachers responsibility to equal access to the digital world to all learners. Equal access is a big responsibility and I think it is too big of a role to put on a teacher. I do feel the bigger portion of the responsibility is the teachers but the school needs to offer technology and resources to the classrooms and the parent or guardian needs to help extend the knowledge in their home. Some students may not have the technology at home and I think it is the school responsibility to provide those resources so that every student has the same opportunity.
It is hard to give equal access to each student everyday but it needs to be a goal of each teacher to meet. For example if a class room has a computer station make sure every student gets the opportunity to use it. In my lit review they used the clickers to answer questions this will help the teachers see who gets what is being taught and who doesn’t. The teacher then can help those that do not. There are many techniques of trying to make sure every student gets the same opportunity and help.


  1. I really agree and like your idea that the responsibility should be on the entire school and all the educators...not just the teacher.

  2. It takes a village afterall. And if equal access to all students is not a possibility, I like your idea of trying to make it as equal as possible.

  3. I agree - it's a big responsibility for one person. But with a community of support, it's totally possible. But, like your example, there are pieces of technology that we can use that can include all, like the clickers.