Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lit Review # 2

Use of Smart Boards for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Kindergarten Science
BY: Chris Preston and Lee Mowbray – Teaching Science Journal 2008
This was a very interesting article to read. It provided positive information about smart boards and how it can be used in a classroom. Their examples where based on the subject of science. Smart Boards are every good piece of technology that should be used in every classroom. This a great resource for introducing lesson, fun activities and it engages all the students. A smart board for those who are not familiar is white board that displays the image from your computer. They come in different sizes and are usually mounted on your wall. You can control the white board with your figure or electric pens.
The article gave really good reasons why to use a Smart Board with kindergarten students. It gives a different learning environment, an environment where ideas can be shared. It supports many different learning styles, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. When young students see technology in their classroom they become excited about learning. The smart board provides motivation in a class room. The article explains that kindergarten students have a short attention span and when using the smart board you can grab their interest and can change the mood of the classroom quickly. With a smart board you can integrate activities and projects and use step by step directions and stay together as a classroom.
I feel a smart board should become a need in a classroom. There are so many positive outcomes when incorporating the smart board into the classroom setting. Smart boards are easy to learn and are becoming more cost friendly. It makes the students become more involved especially when students are engaged in the use of the board. It is a great tool for research, games, instruction and class activities. It can be used to introduce new topics and to review topics. I personally have not used a smart board before but hope to have one in my classroom.

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