Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Final Blog

Going into this class I knew technology was becoming more and more involved in a classroom setting and it is something that is always changing. I knew it was important to use technology in classroom but what I didn’t know is how you can incorporate into a lesson plan.
With this class is opened up my eyes to all different types of big and small tools you can use in a classroom and for students to use at home. It is not all just about the big items such as smart boards but if you don’t have access to a smart board you can certainly use other tools, such as glogster, wordle, u-tube videos, voicethread, skype and the list can go on. You should use these tools even if you do have a smart board. These are great tools of technology.
This class made me comfortable in being able to use technology in a classroom and showed how easy it can be to incorporate any type of technology into a lesson. My opinion stayed the same but my knowledge and what I learned about technology has grown. I knew technology was important but my concern was how was I going to incorporate it into a classroom and with this class it has been answered.

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